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Jeans is a popular wear whole globe in both men and some women and in younger creation as well. Kids seems comfirtable in denims as it can be used in any kind of climate whether its hot or cold. In sub region mostly younger boys use denims where as only higher education girls or girls from higher category use denims. Jeans considered a eye-catching wear Indian and Pakistan for females. It has charm and fascination for younger boys. College girls, designs, stars like geans. Women use limited denims whereas younger boys like to put on reduce denims.

Jeans is the prefect timeless clothing that works perfect with almost everything. Jeans and a plain white tee, jeans with a mans shirt, or with a cardigan, a rock tee, with high or low heels, with a trench, a blazer even works fine with a fur for that cool every-day look.

The classic blue jeans is the one that you have been using for years and that looks old and used. That’s the absolute best one.